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Hysteroscopic removal of Adhesions

Sometimes the lining of the uterus fuses together- forms adhesions. These can be the result of infections or injury e.g after DandC. Hysteroscopy is an excellent way of removing these adhesions.

Treatment Offered by Dr. Alka Sinha

Dr Alka Sinha is the best laparoscopic surgeon in Delhi and one of the best gynecologists in India. With an experience of more than 15 years she has awesome expertise in Hysteroscopic removal of Adhesions Surgery and offers best treatment to patients. Dr Alka has performed a significant number of successful Treatments and surgeries Hysteroscopic removal of Adhesions. With her hands on expertise; she understands every technicality, and complications of the procedure.

Get affordable and quality treatment for Hysteroscopic removal of Adhesions in Delhi by Dr. Alka Sinha.