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Laparoscopic Hysteropexy

Hysteropexy involves a lifting up and reinforcing the support structures of a uterus. It is a surgical procedure for women who are troubled by prolapse (a feeling of falling down or heaviness in the vagina) of their womb. It involves wrapping a mesh around the neck of the womb (the cervix) and fixing this to thesacrum(lower back bone).

It is chosen by those women who prefer not have their uterus removed. Asthe surgical cutting involved in hysterectomy is avoidedthe recoveryis quicker with return to daily activities sooner than is normally the case with hysterectomy and repair.

This is a surgery that requires a surgeon with expertise in laparoscopic surgery and is available at select hospitals only including ours.

Treatment Offered by Dr. Alka Sinha

Dr Alka Sinha is the best laparoscopic surgeon in Delhi and one of the best gynecologists in India. With an experience of more than 15 years she has awesome expertise in Laparoscopic Hysteropexy Surgery and offers best treatment to patients. Dr Alka has performed a significant number of successful Treatments and surgeries for Laparoscopic Hysteropexy. With her hands on expertise in the procedure; she understands every technicality, and complications of it.

Get affordable and quality surgery and treatment for Laparoscopic Hysteropexy in Delhi by Dr. Alka Sinha.