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Laparoscopic Tuboplasty

This is a key hole surgery for those women who are having block of the fallopian tubes in the distal part. Sometimes the opening of the tubes are blocked which can be opened by a fimbriolysis or by creating a new opening.

Tuboplasty is a surgical procedure aims to restore normal functioning of the fallopian tubes. Facing problems in conceiving might be the result of any obstruction in the tubal passage. It is often called tubal infertility and is performed through laparoscopy. Laparoscopic tubal surgery can be distinguished with varied tuboplasty procedures. This includes Tubal reanastomosis, Fimbrioplasty, Salpingostomy, Salpingolysis and Cornual implantation. All these are intended to relieve any obstruction of the fallopian tube, hence allowing conception to happen.

Tuboplasty involves techniques depending upon the severity of the tubal damage. Microsurgery, laser, electrocautery, hydrodissection, mechanical dissection, adhesions barriers, surgical stents, hoods and many more methods are performed to carry out laparoscopic tubal surgery. Micro resection and anastomosis of the fallopian tube is performed through a micro-technique. This micro-technique utilizes magnified images with ocular loupes (operating microscope) and the area is finely sutured. This technique helps minimize the chances of scarring and stricture formation post-surgery.

This particular surgery is useful and highly successful if any blockage or damage is visible on the outer area of the fallopian tubes such as peritubal adhesions or endometriosis. However, the success of the tuboplasty depends on the severity of the damage.

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