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Hysteroscopic Tubal Cannulation

This is a surgery to open the blocked cornual or proximal ends of the Fallopian tubes. This is helpful for those women in whom cornual tubal block is causing infertility.The blockage could be the result of previous infection. Cornual block could be unilateral or bilateral. Even though it is possible to conceive with one open tube, it has been seen that results are better after treatemnt of unilateral block. The need for tubal cannulation in patients with bilateral cornual block is obvious.

Hysteroscopic surgery is performed using a hysteroscope (a type of endoscope) that is connected with optical fibers and equipped with a camera which relays the image onto a video screen. The tip of the hysteroscope is inserted inside vagina and gently moved through the cervix into the uterus. Fluid is introduced into the uterine cavity to lift apart the walls of the uterus. A special wire is introduced through the cornual opening of the tubes- ostia- from the uterine cavity under vision through the side channel of the operating hysteroscope. The procedure is done under laparoscopic guidance. The results are good if there is not significant structural damage of the Fallopian tubes to begin with.

Hysteroscopy is a quick procedure with a fast and easy recovery. It avoids the discomfort, hospitalization, expense, and longer recovery of abdominal surgery.

This is a day care procedure. The patient can go home the same day.

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