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Laparoscopic Recanalization

Laparoscopic recanalization is meant for those women who had a tubal sterilization in the past but want to have more children now. This involves tubal micro-surgery to rejoin the cut ends of the tube. Success rates vary depending on the type of sterilization method used in the first place, time elapsed since sterilization, age of the woman and other factors.

This surgery is done using a laparoscope, which is a slender, fiber-optic tube equipped with a miniature camera, lights and surgical instruments inserted through few small cuts ranging from 3mm to 1 cm in length in the abdominal wall. After a small incision is made in or above the belly button, carbon dioxide gas is introduced to distend the abdomen. Laparoscope is put in and additional smaller cuts are made under vision to introduce surgical instruments. 

Laparoscopic tubal recanalisation scores over open surgery in terms of better visualisation and magnification. This leads to more precise and fine surgery with better results. In addition to this the ususl benefits of laparoscopy are also there.

  • Lesser Blood Loss
  • Lower Post Operative pain
  • Shorter Stay at Hospital.
  • Lesser abdominal wall infections 
  • Fast Recovery from surgery wounds.
  • Less chances of incisional hernia
  • Better cosmetically as small scars

This is an advanced surgery that requires a surgeon with expertise in laparoscopic surgery and is available at select hospitals only including ours. Please note that Laparoscopic surgery is not synonymous with minor surgery.

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