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Hysteroscopic surgery is performed using a hysteroscope (a type of endoscope) that is connected with optical fibers and equipped with a camera which relays the image onto a video screen. The gynaecologist uses this hysteroscope to inspect the uterine cavity and the cervix. The tip of the hysteroscope is inserted inside vagina and gently moved through the cervix into the uterus. Fluid is introduced into the uterine cavity to lift apart the walls of the uterus.Hysteroscopy is used to diagnose and treat problems inside the uterus or cervix. This includes abnormal bleeding, septum, adhesions, polyps and fibroids.

Hysteroscopic surgery is a relatively safe procedure with faster and easy recovery. It avoids discomfort, hospitalization, expense and longer recovery of abdominal surgery. This implies minimum expenses with optimum results

This is a day care procedure. The patient can go home the same day.

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