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Laparoscopic Cerclage

Some women have abortions in the second trimester due to cervical incompetence where the cervix dilates even without pain. Cerclage procedures are indicated for these patients. Laparoscopic cerclage is one approach which can be used in selected cases with good results. This procedure can be done during pregnancy or as an interval procedure between pregnancies. The results are better than the cerclage done vaginally. It can also be done in cases with failed vaginal cerclage operation.

Usually four incisions are made in the lower abdomen: one-centimeter at or above the navel (belly button) and three half centimeter ones on the sides. The abdominal cavity is then filled with carbon dioxide gas. A thin, lighted telescope, called a laparoscope, is placed through an incision, allowing doctors to see the pelvic strucures. Long instruments, inserted through the other incisions are used to perform the surgery. A thin Surgical tape is taken around the cervix to close the internal os to treat the cervical incompetence.

This is an advanced surgery requiring expertise in Lparoscopic surgery. We have done many successful Laparoscopic cerclage. Some of theese cases were even emergency procedures  with os already partially open referred from other centres.

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